It’s a given that self-storage properties face frequent, high-volume traffic from customers. But managing these facilities pose challenges when vendors and service personnel need to access areas such as roofs and mechanical/HVAC areas. Access control and monitoring is even more difficult when a storage facility lacks on-site infrastructure to manage locally.

Accessible From Anywhere

Any CellGate-equipped lock can be opened by the property manager remotely, regardless of where they be at that time. Having this capability not only saves time and money, but facility owners and managers become more effective at their job by allowing them to attend to more important matters. But with CellGate, you can moniter and control your gate activity from any location.

With CellGate systems installed, all it takes is the click of a mouse to provide each visitor with a unique access code. Once logged in to your account on the CellGate Automated Control Center web site, you can set limits to each code, limit code operability by date range, day of week and/or time of day, and even by the number of uses.

Each time a visitor’s uses the code to enter or leave the property, the CellGate system creates a detailed record, including the identity of the gate accessed, the time and date, access code used, and the caller ID of any phone used to send the command. Your account will also tell you whether the gate is open or closed.

Account Activation and Service Fees

Once the CellGate device is installed, customers use a credit card to create an online account within the Automated Control Center and by following the simple instructions included with the CellGate system.

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