In today’s world of ever increasing litigation and security concerns, it is imperative that employers do everything they can to protect their employees and guests, and to keep unauthorized persons from entering their property and gaining access to their common areas.

DKS access control systems provide business owners and managers with superior products, security and safety controlling all traffic (both pedestrian and vehicular) into and within their establishment.

Access control starts right at the front gate. DKS vehicular gate operating systems allow only those persons / vehicles with the proper credentials to gain access to your private employee parking areas automatically! The same credential (coded card, digital code, biometric, etc.) that was used to allow entry to the parking area is used to allow access into and within the building.

With 31 security (permission) levels, DKS access control software lets you decide the “who, when and where” of access control. In buildings utilizing elevators, you can even restrict which floors your guest and employees are allowed access to.

DKS gate operators, access control and telephone entry systems – offering seamless integration with each other, and with all major self storage management softwares on the market today providing you with the level of perimeter security and access control that your application demands.

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